The most important investment you will ever make is more than likely the purchase of a home. Knowing the basics will give you a head start and save you time and money in your search.

When ready to buy a Santa Clara California house, be sure to understand your rights as a homebuyer. Knowing the process of buying a house prevents you from getting scammed. You can personally do your home work or seek for a knowledgeable realtor. Make sure that the realtor you hire has a wide knowledge regarding the area.

Budget is really a big deal in buying a home in Santa Clara. It is important to be practical and make sure you get the most for your money. Seek help or ask for suggestions from your chosen realtor, so you gain a good knowledge of real estate prices.

In Santa Clara
the lifestyle is fitting for those who love to work and play outdoors and around the area. With nature nearby, there is plenty to see and do with hiking, boating and outdoor events that take place all year long.

In Santa Clara residents experience clean air, parks, mountain views and nearby beaches.

The Santa Clara City Library has received national honors for its outstanding programs and services to the community including being named a "Star Library" by the Library Journal Index of Public Library Service.† It has also ranked among the top 10 public libraries in the nation by Hennen's American Public Library Ratings.

The City of Santa Clara's Concerts in the Park series offers free musical performances beginning June 19th. Bring a picnic and join the fun at Central Park Pavilion located at 909 Kiely Boulevard (between Homestead Road and Benton Street). These concerts are family-friendly and all ages are welcome.

Wednesday evening concerts are 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon concerts are 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Free admission and free parking.


Tom Merigan's professional expertise and friendly personal service have made him a highly sought after real estate professional in Santa Clara. Tom is uniquely familiar with the area. His helpful nature and first hand knowledge will answer the important questions real estate buyers and sellers need in their journey toward buying or selling Santa Clara Real Estate.


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Mortgage rates are again on the rise. For a time they were retreating, but the long term trend is for the rates to increase. When a mortgage rate begins increasing, buyers who have been on the fence come into the market, thereby boosting demand.†


Rivermark of Santa Clara is a master planned community  that is built on a 152-acres that were formerly owned by the State of California.† The Rivermark area is an upscale neighborhood, with many young professionals and families as residents. It was previously used by Agnews Developmental Center.

In 1998 the Agnews Developmental Center closed its west campus, and Rivermark was later developed in September 2000 as the City of Santa Clara approved the Rivermark developersí plans. In 2002 three builders began building new housing developments on land directly bordering the Guadalupe River in Santa Clara, California as part of the Rivermark Master Plan Development.

Rivermark developers have won several national design awards for their contributions to various facets of the Rivermark master planned community.† The Santa Clara living space is upscale, comfortable with modern and contemporary ideas and accents.† The Rivermark developer's awards include, Grand Award for Master Planned Project of the Year in 2004 and Grand and Merit Award from Builder magazine in 2003.

The Rivermark community encompasses retail space, parks, school, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and houses including detached single family homes.



More homebuyers are looking for homes with energy efficient systems already in place.

If looking at a home with a furnace that's more than twenty years old, it may be wise to consider an upgrade. Upgrading a new home's furnace and air conditioning system is smart, and will bode well in the here and now, as well as in the long term, should you decide to sell the home later. The upgrades are a long term investment in the resale value of the home, as well as a cost efficient addition and green alternative to a current conditioning system.

Let it Flow: Change Your Filters!

Whether disposable or washable, all forced-air heating/cooling systems use filters. And, these filters need to be maintained and changed. Some filters require monthly changes while other last up to three months, and much depends on the conditions within a home. A dirty filter will restrict air flow and with clogged filters heat is blocked that would otherwise be keeping the home toasty warm. It is important to keep on top of the regular changing of heat filters. This is a pretty easy way to boost energy efficiency and cut costs.

Pump it up: Install a Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are most common and they are generally used with a back-up heating system. In terms of function, a heat pump works by extracting heat from the outside and bringing it in, (in heat mode), and by removing heat from the inside of the house and releasing it outside. (in cooling mode).

The king of heat pumps, are ground and watersource, or geothermal. While the initial investment may be great, the saving will be substantial in the long run. These pumps will use 25-50% less energy than conventional conditioning systems.

Another simple method to help with soaring heat bills, is to keep an eye on the set temperature levels in the house, What is normally described as room temperature is around 68 Fahrenheit (20 degrees celsius). If you'd rather avoid the " put on a sweater" method of winter energy conservation, you might consider investing in an improved conditioning system that'll bring warmth today, and will be a smart investment in the re-sale value of the home.


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