The Internet revolution in the real estate industry is charging ahead at a full steam.

We invite you to visit SantaClara.Org to learn all you can about the pleasant community of Santa Clara; new home to the Levi (49er football) stadium.

Seventy one percent of homebuyers search the internet to find a home.

Long gone are the days of buyers wasting weekends driving around looking at homes. Now, they sit at their desks and view homes on the Internet.

Curb appeal is the notion that the first view of a home is the key to making a sale. Searching online, viewers can instantly experience curb appeal that will have a buyer running for the car keys.

Photographs are key to previewing homes for sale online in Santa Clara California. Photographs should highlight the best aspects of the home as well as unique characteristics a buyer isn't going to find anywhere else. A buyer who likes what he or she sees in photographs is already half way to making an offer.

The Santa Clara Senior Center

Volunteers have always played an important role in the success of the Santa Clara Senior Center. The continued dedication of volunteers make the Center able to offer a large variety of programs and services.

Some of the services available for seniors age 60+ at the Santa Clara Senior Center include:

  • Care Management Services
  • Health Insurance & Medicare Counseling (HICAP)
  • Senior Information and Resources
  • SPA
  • Senior Adult Legal Assistance (SALA)
  • Family support
  • Social and educational activities
  • Tax Assistance
  • Notary Service
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Few Words About Santa Clara Real Estate And Homes


Homes For Sale and Listings In Santa Clara can be a homebuyers dream come true. The houses sell fast and the demand is high. It is very important to be ready to buy with all financing approved before embarking on a search for a future Santa Clara dwelling.

Santa Clara amenities include an award-winning Convention Center, Community Recreation Center, International Swim Center, Youth Activity Center, Senior Center, abundant retail shopping, restaurants, and medical facilities.

Dozens of parks, playgrounds, special use facilities (like a Skate Park and Youth Soccer Park), the championship Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club, a 40 acre open space preserve, the San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail, and two publicly owned cemeteries (one active and one historical), provide more than 450 acres of open space.

Benefits Of Living In Santa Clara

• Rich History • Activities • Community Activities
• Great Schools • Shopping • Special Events
• Climate • Centrally Located • Parks and Recreation

The City is home to Santa Clara University, and other outstanding schools. It is also home to the nationally recognized 100-acre California's Great America Theme Park, the George F. Haines International Swim Center, Triton Museum of Art, and the 49ers Football Training Center and their new home Levi's Stadium to open in 2014. View the Levi's Stadium WebCam http://newsantaclarastadium.com/live-view.

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