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Get the most money for your Santa Clara home when you sell with complete preparation and a great realtor. A good realtor can help you get your house looking top shape from the inside and out.

Make a list of what needs to be improved, cleaned or changed, and start knocking them off the list one by one.

Get the outside "curb appeal," taken care of first. This will help a house attract attention right away even if the signs haven't gone up yet.

Get clear plastic bins and start filling them with all of the extra knick-knacks. Remember that buyers want to picture their belongings in the home they are viewing and considering for purchase. If stuff is in the way, they cannot form a mental picture as easily.


To properly declutter, start detaching from the home. Make the rooms look as large as possible by removing extra furniture, books, objects and wall hangings. Set aside some time to repaint colorful rooms a soothing beige, cream or linen. This will make the rooms look even bigger and give the buyers more breathing room.

Any decorative object left in a room should be used as a tool to attract the buyer to a special feature. Place an interesting candle holder in the fire place, or a few small plants on the mantle. Draw the eyes to windows with lamps and neat end tables.

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In Santa Clara, real estate sells rather quickly. If you live in your home while selling it, you may be faced with the potential buyers coming to view your home. They will walk through and look into closets and personal space. It is essential to maintain a spotless home that will show beautifully on short notice. Getting your house decluttered will help clear your own mind and get you ready for the prospective buyers to start coming.


The best way to get organized is to try to see the house through new eyes. When you pretend like you are the one who is considering buying your home, you can better see the areas which need improvement. Take a clipboard and pen with you as you survey from the outside to the inside. Write down everything which disturbs the eye for even a moment. Chances are that if you notice something that does not look right, your potential buyers will, too.

Do you have a new job that requires you to move to a new home? Has a divorce or death required you to liquidate your home as soon as possible? Or have bad times turned worse and the only hope of rescuing the investment you've made in your home is to sell it before the bank forecloses on it?

When changes happen in life; for good or bad, there may be a need to sell a home and sell it quick. If a need to move arises, most people do not want the anxiety or cost of trying to sell from another town while their home stays empty and unprotected. Many prefer not to have the burden of cost in paying for two mortgages and utilities for any length of time.

The realtor you choose should thoroughly discuss the marketing plan for selling your home. Deciding on the price will be one of the most important aspects of this plan. There will be several approaches to combining the need to sell with the need to get the right price. In Santa Clara California in a desirable neighborhood, you may be able to go a little higher than you thought, but may not want to if there are many nearby homes for sale at the same time. Trust your realtor to come up with the right strategy, and do not be shy about your own opinion.

When you are going through the real estate process, there will always be plenty of people with tips, ideas and advice. All the input can occasionally do more harm than good, so take everything in as much stride as you can. Just make sure that your realtor keeps you in the loop through the whole process. Make your home as appealing as possible. With a clean house and a clear strategy, you should be able to sell your home much more quickly, and for the most dollars.

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